Commercial Deionization

Get crystal-clear, pure water with deionization products! Our advanced ion exchange resins tackle total dissolved solids (TDS) and deliver high-quality water effortlessly. No complicated procedures or maintenance – just a hassle-free system for your commercial needs.

Industries Served

  • Medical Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Food Processing
  • Local Car Wash
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Humidification

Deionization Products Available via Southern Water Services:

Portable Exchange Deionization

Portable Exchange Deionization is a perfect solution for reliable and hassle-free water supply. Without the need for expensive capital investments, our systems regeneration or exchange services are handled by our own Southern Water Services technicians. Experience the convenience and quality of water these systems bring to your operation, both big and small.

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Automatic Water Deionizer

Premier Series DI offers automatic deionization and regeneration of depleted resins.

Continuous Electro Water Deionization

Discover Electrodionization (EDI) systems – the eco-friendly way to purify water! By combining small amounts of electricity, ion exchange membranes, and resin, our technology eliminates harsh chemicals and deionizes water effectively. Join the sustainable solution for cleaner, healthier water!

Exchange Tanks

Are you looking for an economical and safe way to provide highly pure deionized water? Exchange tanks offer the perfect solution! DI Exchange Tanks use advanced synthetic resin to remove unwanted anions and cations from the water feed, providing premium quality deionized water in a cost-effective way. With these tanks, you can enjoy clean, pure water that is free of impurities and contaminants on a regular basis. What’s more, these tanks come with a service deionization (SDI) system for maximum efficiency. Contact us about our DI Exchange Tanks for affordable clean, reliable deionized water.

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