Get a Free water analysis!

Southern Water Services realizes that everyone needs safe, reliable drinking water. Local water treatment facilities do a good job of providing an adequate water source for the city-wide water system, however, they do not filter out the chemicals and other contaminants that may enter the water systems pipework between the city water treatment plant and your faucet.

Limestone, sulfur, and iron can also be a concern.  These are the reasons we offer a free water analysis,  have you had one?

We are able to offer Water Treatment for a number of Contaminants.  By the way, do you know our Technicians are certified by the Water Quality Association?

If you are looking for a custom Water Filtration System, for Residential or Commercial purposes we are able to design these for you.

Talk to one of our certified Water Filtration Specialists today and sleep easier knowing that your family/colleagues are drinking safe water.

Call 561 741 7059 today and you could have fresh, clean, crystal clear water by the end of the week.

Please view our Commercial and Industrial page for Engineered Water Filtration Systems.